WildSeason Eggs “Ranchero”

2 ea.                             Corn Tortillas

4 ea.                             Eggs

1oz.                             Olive oil, butter or lard

3/4 teas                        Wildspice Steak Dust

2 oz.                            Red or Green hot Salsa


Melt butter or lard in skillet or Teflon pan. Olive oil is a very tasty and healthy alternative.

Tear or cut the tortilla’s into quarters and begin to sauté them in the hot pan.

Break the eggs into the pan and season with the “WildSeason” Steak Salt.

Spoon the Salsa on and around the eggs, add 1 tablespoon of water,  then cover pan immediately and turn up the heat.

Cook for one or  two minutes additional, until whites firm up.

Serve on warm plates and enjoy!


D. Hugelier CMC

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