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Corlina BBQ Rub is perfect for ribs, pork roasts, and grilled and baked items.

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Carolina BBQ rub is great for ribs, pork roasts, and grilled and baked items.The BBQ Salmon recipe on our recipe page shows how versatile this spice blend is, accenting Trout and whole grilled fish too. This spice will enhance a batch of your favorite chili, and adding it to any BBQ sauce will bring a depth of flavor to the dish. Use it in combination with Steak Dust for a mild BBQ result. Works wonders with pork chops, beef brisket, wild hog, chicken, game hens and anything that fits the BBQ mold. Oh, and a quick tip: add a quarter teaspoon of the Carolina BBQ rub to your Bloody Mary for a truly remarkable drink.

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