Mozzarella a la Tosca with Tomato and Red pepper coulis

Mozzarella a la Tosca (Custom)Mozzarella a la Tosca, Tomato and red pepper coulis. The cheese is sliced about 1/4″ thick, seasoned with WildSeason Vegetable sea salt, garlic and minced basil, dredged lightly in flour, dipped in beaten egg and sauteed in a bit of olive o…il (low heat-without browning).  Brocolli rabe (rapini) with toasted bread crumb, garlic, Itailan parsley, parmesan and a little vegetable stock. This makes me feel real Wild, so I am putting on my snowshoes and going for a four mile hike in the woods. Dead quiet and cold today, sun is out and I am blessed with another day. I love cooking!See More
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