What is WildSeason?


WildSeason is a natural food enhancement concept built on the foundation of properly balanced taste. It allows any cook to achieve spectacular results through the harmonious balance of natural sea salt, peppery flavors, acidic, bitter and sweet components.


WildSeason products are blended and packaged in strictly controlled kitchen lab environments. Only Kosher ground and flake sea salt is used. Absolutely no chemicals, food additives, oils or artificial ingredients are added. Whereas large processors and vegetable oils, gums, etc. to control blending, WildSeason mixes in smaller, controlled batches to ensure quality without added fat. Furthermore, our products contain no MSG; only natural fresh herbs and spices of the highest quality are incorporated in our blends.


History of WildSeason


WildSeason was borne from the desire to simplify the cooking process of wild game and foraged wild vegetables for Chef Dan’s friends and family. He noticed that many of the naturalists, traditional bow hunters and travel companions are excellent cooks. WildSeason simplifies the “seasoning” element of the cooking process through the convenience of using one mixture, perfectly blended and ready-to-use.


A word from Chef Dan



I am happiest when I am outdoors, growing something, harvesting, foraging, kayaking, exersicing, shooting my longbow or making something. I truly love cooking to my very core and never tire of seeing a person’s eyes light up when they enjoy wonderful food, and WildSeason allows me to spread that joy to everyone.


WildSeason is a great asset to the professional cook. A kosher salt blend was standard mise en place on the Roast, grill, saute and entremitier stations at the London Chop House and Detroit Athletic Club. When I worked there decades ago, Kosher salt was always used because table salt often contains Iodine which can have an adverse effect on the tenderness of steaks, chops and prime cuts of meat or poultry. Consistency is very important in a restaurant, hotel or club operation. I mixed small batches to have on hand everywhere I worked in my career and always thought, this would be a great idea to bring to the public because it makes sense; easy to use and tastes right. But this is not just for convenience, WildSeason products rank highly with everyone who experiences them.


WildSeason products are blended for your success in cooking. Pungent, bold and versatile, these enticing flavors are compatible with each other and the foods you enhance with them.


Hand packed herb bouquets, Kosher and Sea Salt blends, natural Clover honey and exceptional quality spices ensure satisfaction. It starts with the ingredients, all great Chefs know this; now WildSeason offers you an alternative to the chemically laced rubs and marinades typically available to the consumer. You will find yourself going back for more.


Our signature Apple-Honey marinade has proven success, this aromatic brine is inspired by the USA Culinary Olympic Team’s premier marinade for the World Championship Hot food competition entree of Apple infused Roasted Squab.


Specified as the official spice blend for all food service to our athletes by the USA Basketball association for the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing China 2008. Used exclusively by private Chefs for many NBA stars, WildSeason is a natural food enhancement that provides consistency in flavor and taste.


WildSeason a natural choice for the serious cook, balanced and natural. We are not led by commerce or “fad” Market trends. With a passion for good food, we let the Earth guide us, building on the wonderful taste that nature provides.



Daniel G. Hugelier

Certified Master Chef